Garlic Knots: A Practical Masterpiece

Garlic Knots: A Practical Masterpiece

We’re the first to admit, we order garlic knots anytime we get pizza. At their core, garlic knots are the cornerstone of any good pizza place. But where do these little blobs of heaven come from?

Garlic Knots 1.png

Where are they from?

Garlic knots date back to the late 20th century in no other than New York state. Although the precise origins of garlic knots are unknown (there’s a debate about whether they’re from Brooklyn or Queens), they’ve become a staple for most, if not all, pizza restaurants. While we don’t know which restaurant to thank for their culinary masterpiece, we can send our deepest appreciation to the state of New York.

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How are they made?

If you’re like us, you also have an undying love for garlic knots. We pride ourselves here on our quality tasting (and looking) garlic knots for just $5, but how are they made? When making pizza, cooks will stretch the dough to cover the entire tray and often have some extra dough hanging off the sides. After the dough has been formed to perfection, they will cut the extra dough off and set it to the side. Because shops hate to waste food, they will use this extra dough to make their garlic knots. The dough is cut into thin strips and then tied into a knot (hence garlic knots). After this, they are placed into the oven to cook and then covered in a variation of olive oil, butter, garlic, parmesan, etc.

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