America's Favorite Topping: Ranch

It’s no secret that toppings make pizza taste 100x better, but what is the ultimate topping? As controversial as it may sound, our vote goes to: ranch. What started out as a Midwest tradition, has now taken over the country (especially Henderson, Nevada). So what exactly does this buttermilk-based condiment have that other toppings don’t?

Taste Factor

For starters, it’s a well seasoned, light dressing that helps “cleanse the palate” (according to Taste of Home). The airy dressing helps minimize the greasiness of the melted cheese and sends your taste buds into a symphony of flavor as the herbs and marinara dance around in your mouth. Not only this, but it helps cool down your slice. (Let’s be real, we’ve all burned the roof of our mouth because we were too excited to wait for it to cool down.)


We have never met a ranch lover who isn’t insanely passionate about it on a fresh New York-styled slice. There’s a drama factor we can’t deny when someone specially asks for more ranch on an iconic slice of Frankie’s Pizza. Before it became mainstream, many people were ashamed of asking for a cup of ranch to dip their ‘za is — but not anymore! With almost every order we receive here at Frankie’s, we get asked if we can provide an extra side of ranch (which also happens to be homemade in-house).

Overall Enjoyment

As avid pizza eaters ourselves, we very much dabble in the pizza ranch combination. We honestly can’t think of a more perfect way to enjoy your pizza. Our bonus factor is that when you get a ranch from Frankie’s Pizza, you get an in-house, homemade ranch. People from all over Henderson, Las Vegas and The Valley come here specifically to purchase a bottle of our ranch.

Order Today

When you eat pizza with ranch, you're taking part in a movement — a flavor movement. There is no shame in getting a side of ranch, especially one from Frankie’s Pizza. From its accidental start as just being a condiment for salads and breadsticks, ranch has turned into a nationwide icon and we couldn’t be happier. So, whether you prefer to dunk, scoop or go sans ranch, we encourage you to stop by Frankie’s Pizza for a slice.

Frankie’s Pizza offers a menu that caters to everyone. No matter what delicious delicacy you’re in the mood for, we’ve got something that will have your stomach growling. When you want quality New York Pizza in Las Vegas, we can get it to you. Order now!