4 Reasons To Choose New York-Style Pizza

Whether you’re looking for a classic New York Pizza experience with your family, or a quick slice to-go, Frankie’s Pizza has exactly what you’re looking for. We use only the freshest ingredients by making our own dough in-house, as well as making our signature sauce from scratch, every day. We don’t do average New York Style pizza, we go big, warm, and delicious! Read more about how our New York Style pizza is the freshest available in the Las Vegas area!

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Flavorful Crust

A signature of the New York Style pizza is the flavorful crust. At Frankie’s Pizza, we give you freshly tossed and handmade dough, giving you that flavor you know and love. As authentically Italian and New York Style, you get the beautiful combination of herbs and fresh dough that leaves your mouth watering.

large slices of pizza

Huge Slices

A large part of the fun with New York Style pizza is the huge slices. Rather than your average slice of pizza, this thin-crusted slice is twice the size! A true New Yorker way of eating your pizza is by folding your slice in half. And, even though it’s foldable, you still get your fresh and crispy crust that is so easily recognizable.

thin-crust pizza

Thin Crust

At Frankie’s Pizza, you find the classic thin crust that comes with authentic New York pizza. With characteristically large and hand-tossed dough, our thin crust is both crisp and pliable. Giving you the soft, thin pliability to fold your slice over New Yorker style, you still get the thick and crispy edges that leave you salivating. Only authentic New York pizza gives you both thick and thin as well as crispy and pliable. It’s a pizza crust like you’ve never had.

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There’s nothing more classic than a New York Style pizza. With the delicious flavor, delicate crafting, and being handmade, you can’t beat the signature of our New York Style pizza. We bring you fresh and handcrafted pizza, leaving you yearning for more. Whether you’re looking for classic Italian or classic New York, you will find your favorite pizza here at Frankie’s Pizza. We are passionate about cooking and creating authentic classics you will remember forever.

Find yourself delicious and authentic New York Style pizza. Giving you hand-tossed pizza, Frankie’s Pizza will leave you salivating. View Our Full Menu Online!

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